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Web Development & Integration

The need for a professional web site is an important consideration, and Copeland Technology Solutions recognizes that many of the companies that specialize in home page design do not appreciate the "business" side of the web. With the emergence of easy-to-use web publishing tools, many businesses left their website in the hands of a "friend of the family" and are now disappointed with the results. Before the birth of the web, Copeland Technology Solutions worked with companies to understand their specific business requirements and designed robust, easy-to-use solutions. Today, we bring the same level of detail and functionality that you require in your business system to the Internet. It is this level of integration that sets us apart from novices or design agencies that can sometimes miss your main objectives - service and functionality.

Website Gallery

We take the time to understand each customer's business and website requirements so that we can develop solutions that are unique, customer-centric, visually appealing, optimized for both load time and search engine visibility, and programmatically sound. This attention to detail and understanding of the "whole picture" is not something you find with every web design company, and we pride ourselves on this aspect of our services.

Responsive Websites

Responsive WebsitesMobile- and tablet-optimized sites are a must-have item for many companies when planning a website project. Traditionally, companies ignored mobile/tablet layouts altogether or developed a handful of sites, each targeted towards a specific resolution. Maintaining several sites with the same content became a hassle and frequently resulted in inconsistent content across all versions. Responsive Web Design addresses this need by allowing a single site to scale and re-arrange itself based solely on the browser's current width. A responsive website doesn't care what platform or browser it is running's only concerned with how much horizontal space it has to best display the individual blocks of content.

Here are a few recent examples of responsive websites we have built for our customers:

Epic Sports Center

Epic Sports CenterEpic Sports Center in Williamsville, NY runs sports leagues and tournaments for all ages. They also offer open skate-and-shoot times for inline hockey, a variety of instructional sports programs, and host unique sports-themed birthday parties. Not only did we rework this as a responsive website, but we also built tools which allow Epic to maintain their site without "breaking" the responsive framework upon which the site is built. Content is updated with a custom CMS where edits are made right on the page (within a web browser), through back-end admin tools (to maintain their Hall of Fame pages), and an export/FTP upload from their schedule and scoring system to keep results up-to-date.

Epic Fun Center

Epic Fun CenterThe Epic Fun Center is Western New York's largest indoor fun complex. They offer electric go-kart racing, a video game arcade, dodgeball, volleyball, foosball, ping pong, pool tables, and an open athletic field. They may be booked for birthday parties and corporate meetings. The Fun Center site is both responsive and user-editable through the same CMS the Epic Sports Center uses.

Cermedia, LLC

CermediaCerMedia LLC uses state of the art ceramic process technology to produce a substrate that is designed for beneficial bacteria to flourish. CerMedia LLC products are used in all water and gas environments from fish tanks to large industrial systems. We worked with Cermedia's graphic designer, who came up with concepts and layouts. We took his vision and turned it into a responsive website.

Consumer E-commerce Shopping Carts

Treyco Products Corp

Treyco Products CorpEstablished in 1946, Treyco product Corp has a long history of manufacturing blade sharpening equipment. Although they also sell replacement parts and accessories for the Model 2000 (their flagship product), we approached the design of their site as a one-product site so visitors can immediately know what Treyco is all about, easily learn the features and benefits of their product, and have confidence purchasing from a site that is cleanly designed and more modern than their competitors and other sites within their industry.

Blue Ribbon CoversBlue Ribbon Covers

Just one of our Canadian customers, Blue Ribbon Covers manufactures custom spa/hot tub covers to customer specifications. Customers step through the design wizard, choosing the core, material, shape, measurements, and options. Orders are shipped free to Canada and the United States. From website and logo design to programming the wizard and shopping cart, Copeland Technology Solutions took this project from start to finish based on the initial specs and rules provided by Blue Ribbon Covers.

Reservation Business Systems/Websites

Island Packers

Island PackersIsland Packers has been providing transportation to and from the California Channel Islands since 1968. Copeland Technology Solutions designed their reservation website, which handles round-trip landing trips to all the Channel Islands, whale watching excursions, island wildlife (shoreline) cruises, special occasion dinner cruises, and tall ship cruises. Their website connects to their base reservation system developed by Copeland and Reservall to search pricing and availability, process credit cards, and email itineraries to customers.

Catalina ExpressCatalina Express

Catalina Express offers year-round service to and from Catalina Island in California. With up to 30 departures daily from ports in Long Beach, San Pedro and Dana Point, over 17 million customers have boarded a Catalina Express sailing since 1981. Their website connects to their base reservation system developed by Copeland and Reservall to search pricing and availability, process credit cards, and email itineraries to customers.

B-to-B Commerce

Appliance Associates of BuffaloAppliance Associates of Buffalo

Appliance Associates of Buffalo provides wholesale distribution of home appliances and electronics exclusively to independent dealers. They run their business on a system developed by Copeland and the "store" website was written solely for dealer use. Each dealer sees his own pricing and can place orders to pre-established store locations or choose to ship direct to their customer.

Johnson-Rose CorporationJohnson-Rose Corporation

Johnson Rose is a wholesaler, so their site cannot really be considered a full shopping cart, but they do have sophisticated integration with JIMS, their business system developed by Copeland Technology Solutions. Using CONNX, their website connects with their business system so information is updated in real-time. Johnson Rose manages products, sales rep territories, and bulletin board items ("New & News"). Their site is bilingual (English and Spanish versions).

Other Featured Websites

United Precious Metal RefiningUnited Precious Metal Refining

Our relationship with UPMR goes back over twenty years. Since the dawn of the World Wide Web, UMPR has realized its importance, as they are a global business with branches in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Eastern Asia. We recently redesigned their website with graphical elements and themes to match the branding of their new marketing materials. As a convenience to their customers, we also integrated web services to provide live spot market precious metal prices on their website.

Great Northern AssociatesGreat Northern Associates, Inc.

Great Northern is a wholesale distributor of floor covering accessories in Upstate New York. We recently redesigned their website to better showcase the wide variety of products and services they offer.

The Notable Corporation

The Notable CorporationThe Notable Corporation sells customized business forms and stationary products like letterhead or business cards. They also personalize apparel and promotional products with your company's name and/or logo. The Notable corporation is one of our oldest customers and we are proud to be one of their customers as well. The Notable Corporation contracted us to revamp their website, which we originally designed for them many many years ago. The new site went live in January, 2010. Besides the fresh coat of paint and content reorganization, Copeland wrote an interactive system Notable's customers. They log in to check form inventory, release forms from storage, and reorder common forms. Since there was no need for real-time inventory, data is extracted and pumped out to their website nightly to drive the customer system.

W.J. Cox AssociatesW. J. Cox Associates, Inc.

W. J. Cox Associates, Inc. has been specializing in providing insurance and risk management services to the forest products industry since 1979. W. J. Cox runs our business system to process Workers' Compensation Disability, Term Life, and Property/Causality Insurance Claims. Their business system is extended out to their clients so they can securely log into their website and manage their claims. Copeland Technology Solutions also redesigned their main website to give a more modern look and better organize information for navigational purposes.

Our "Corporate Identity" $895 Web Identity Offer

Copeland Technology Solutions will design a custom "corporate identity" website with your logos and company colors, and have it active a matter of days. This basic package includes:

If you do not currently have a domain name and the name you want is available, we can register it and manage its renewal for you.

This package is available for only $895 with no server setup fee.

"Corporate Identity" Examples:

Your investment into a well-designed Internet presence will affect your business for years to come. There are several companies, big and small, that offer website design and hosting services, but very few of have the dedication to customer satisfaction that has been our mission for 35 years. Copeland Technology Solutions is a company that will be there for you not just today, but tomorrow and well into the future to fulfill your needs in a rapidly changing business and Internet environment.

Advanced Options

A basic web presence is a great place to start, but undoubtedly, you will think of new ways to use your website as a sales and marketing tool by streamlining the communication with your customers and employees. If you find that the need exists, Copeland Technology Solutions can go far beyond setting your company up with just a basic web presence. Below are just a few of the more popular examples for you to think about.

Please contact us if you come up with an idea you feel would add to the value of your website. We will be happy to review your needs and provide you a free estimate of what your project would involve.