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Profile: Tim Belczak

Tim Belczak
Tim Belczak
(716) 692-7773 x308

Tim is one of many Microsoft Certified Professionals on staff at Copeland Technology Solutions and works with many different technologies. One day, he might be designing websites and the next day he is developing phone apps or software for scanners and other handheld devices. He is also certified as a Qualified Integrator/Reseller (QIR) Professional with the PCI Standards Council.

His areas of expertise include Microsoft .NET application development, web scripting with PHP or ASP, and working with databases like Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Microsoft Access. He writes mobile apps for iPhone and Android as well as web apps to provide real-time access to customers' business systems from browsers and mobile devices.

Tim and his wife live in the Town of Tonawanda with their two sons and a dog named Daphne.

In his free time, Tim loves the art and chemistry of all-grain homebrewing. His brews all styles and grows a few varieties of hops in his backyard.

As a beer judge, exam administrator, grader, and competition organizer, he is very involved with the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP), a worldwide volunteer organization that qualifies judges and sanctions homebrew competitions. He is an active member and past president of the Niagara Association of Homebrewers and taught homebrewing classes at KegWorks up until the closing of their brick-and-mortar store in January 2017.

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