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Profile: Eric Posa

Eric Posa
Eric Posa
(716) 692-7773 x307

Eric started his career with Copeland Data in 2000 as an intern with the company.  After becoming a full-time member of the CDS family, he focused his growth on the connection between technology and business.  Eric became proficient in Microsoft platforms, database administration and system integration.

In 2005, Eric was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and started his own Document Management business, DocuSyst.   He wanted to remain in the technology realm and saw an emerging business need in Document Management.  Together, DocuSyst and CDS integrated their two main business platforms to create a tightly woven solution.

This relationship came full circle in early 2014 when Eric returned to Copeland Data, bringing his experience and vision to the CDS team.  He is focused on the future of CDS and continues to bring Document Management solutions through DocuSyst.

Eric is a dedicated husband and father of twin girls and a boy. He is a sports junkie and lives with his family in Buffalo, NY.

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