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Copeland News - October, 2016


We welcome you to the Autumn Edition of Copeland News. Ransomware activity with CryptoLocker-like infections continue to be a threat to businesses, and the Windows 10 Anniversary Edition roll-out has brought many bumps in the road to users in regards to their third party software solutions.

That being said, if you think of anything today or in the future that you would like to discuss as it applies to your situation, never hesitate to drop us a note.  We are here to help and serve you in any way we can.

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In this issue of Copeland News

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Is Your Business "Flat-Footed?"

Businesses in years past slowly brought in technology as a resource when it made sense – a little bit here and a little bit there. Technology at that time could be classified as small islands of standalone software, data and devices.  This created a large gap between the goals of the company and the systems it used to achieve them.

In today's connected world, a company's customer base is constantly being contacted by local and international competitors.  It is critical that your IT infrastructure supports your team and provides a competitive advantage to your business. 

With this being said, organizations need to have a better grasp on the "big picture" of their IT systems.  No longer can an application be tossed at a need without proper insight as to how that application or device will enhance or conflict with the other existing platforms.  Without a plan or analysis of the key systems supporting your users, you could be hindering your performance instead of helping.

Consider our expertise at CDS to provide a gap analysis of your Business Requirements and the current status of your IT systems.  Our extensive background in network and backup services, web and application development and document management can be used to ensure your company will never be caught "Flat Footed."

Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Windows 10Microsoft has been pushing out a massive update to its Windows 10 base called the Anniversary Update. Being such a large update, this takes more time to download and install than most other updates that you will see in Windows 10.

Microsoft included this update without much notice – they simply included this Anniversary update as part of its other updates. Small changes across almost every nook and cranny of Windows 10 have taken hold, so a user will tend to notice these changes as they traverse through the Windows 10 desktop.

Effort has been made to make Cortana much more involved with Windows 10. Competing with the iPhone (Siri) and the Android (Google Now), Cortana has been upgraded with new features to allow the Windows users the same type of experience folks have been experiencing on their mobile device.

New features of this Windows 10 update can be found at HERE.

Since Microsoft released this major update out with little notice to users, there have been some issues with various 3rd party software solutions and utilities.  While the release is essential to Windows 10 and should be installed, it may inhibit certain functions of your 3rd party software.

If you have any issues that you may need help with in regards to this update, or anything else for that matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Buffalo Niagara Business Association (BNBEA)

BNBEAThe Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Association is calling out for nominations to the BNBEA Award for 2017.  The Crystal Award is awarded to companies who actively demonstrate the call of ethics in their day to day operations in how they conduct business.

The Crystal Award is earned by companies who consistently demonstrate their focus on sound ethical practices beyond legal and mandated requirements.

Consider your business's involvement in the BNBEA. If you browse the list of past recipients of the Crystal Award, you will see distinguished companies that have been foundations for our region. Their common denominator is their business core focus on Ethics.  You would be in good company in your association with the BNBEA and its past recipients.

You can nominate a business that you feel brings ethics to its center for consideration of the Crystal Award.  Companies can be nominated directly at The deadline for nominations for the 2017 Crystal Award is October 28, 2016.

Managing Focus in your Inbox

If you are using the latest Microsoft Office products and are an Office 365 customer, you will see two new enhancements that may work in your favor.

Microsoft has introduced a "Focused Inbox" into its email systems.  While Microsoft is obsoleting "Clutter", a Focused Inbox is where emails that mean the most to you are designed to be housed. More information on this Focused Inbox which is part of the Office 365 family can be found HERE.

Additionally, "Mentions" are also included in the latest Office 365 offerings. This means in the email body that a user can be mentioned with an @ sign, and by starting to populate this with a name, a selection dialog will pop up and the user can select the matching user. This act will automatically add the user to the TO: line of the email as well as showing the name tagged as a mention in the email where you placed it. More information can be found at HERE.

Exchange Online, which is part of the Office 365 family, incorporates these new features. Exchange Online has been popular with business customers as companies have been removing email servers on their premises and smaller customers are moving away from Pop email.  Please call out to us if you want to know more about Exchange Online and Office 365.

Did You Know?


The security sector of I.T. is moving forward with new requirements. With this in mind, older routers are no longer supported and no longer work with the latest updates in Windows 10. Be mindful of your organization's protection at the router level by ensuring you have up to date technology guarding your business. Touch base with us if you would like to discuss your security risk at the inception of the Internet into your business – your router.


VOIP systems, or Voice Over I.P. systems is the latest in phone systems in business. When contemplating a phone change to VOIP technology, ensure that your cabling and equipment will support Gigabit (Gb) speeds for both the phone system as well as for PC's at the workstation.


Businesses continue to move past on premises email systems, and for smaller companies, older POP-based email systems are being upgraded to Office 365. Exchange Online, as part of the Office 365 family, can bring business functionality to users across an organization – all for a few dollars per user per month. You can learn more about Exchange Online HERE.  Drop us a note on this as we can help with implementation and conversion from your current email system.

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