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Copeland News - January, 2015


WinterHappy New Year!!!  With 2015 already upon us, many of us are wondering, "where did the time go?"

System breaches resulting in the compromise of personal information indicate that security continues to be a concern.

Microsoft is enjoying success with their Surface Pro 3 tablets, catering to business users who need a small, nimble device that works within a corporate Windows infrastructure.

That being said, if you come across anything that you would like to discuss, never hesitate to drop us a note.  We are here to help and serve you in any way we can!

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In this issue of Copeland News

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Windows 10

Windows 10, the successor to Windows 8/8.1, will be released later this year. Microsoft, however, is not yet saying exactly when that will be.

Some of the features of Windows 10 include:

  1. Windows 10Cortana
    A personal assistant like Apple's SIRI that will be on all Windows 10 devices, whether that be desktops or phones, or anything in-between.
  2. Notifications
    Like we see on Android and Apple's iOS, a notification area will house all messages from various sources.
  3. Two-Factor Authentication
    On Standard and Enterprise versions of Windows 10, in addition to a username and a password, another question will be asked in order to keep your systems more secure. Examples may include "Name of your high school" or "Name of your first pet."
  4. Start Menu
    The Start menu is back with additional functionality, including enhanced web searching via Bing.
  5. Snap Assistant
    Allows the user to create multiple desktop environments for different purposes.

Windows 10 is what many say Windows 8/8.1 "should have been." While Windows 7 has been the standard enterprise desktop the past few years, Windows 10 is the logical transition. Business users, generally speaking, avoided the Windows 8/8.1 editions for many reasons.

Windows 10 is said to run the same code base on all devices (desktops, smartphones, tablets) and will be the first operating system with a unified strategy like this.

Pricing has not been disclosed by Microsoft for Windows 10 as of this writing. Microsoft is also considering a subscription option where the user can rent it month-by-month.

Reaching Millennials

As time goes on, we need to be aware that Millennials (18- to 30-year-olds) view the business world differently from their parents. We need to understand and adapt to Millennials in two different ways:

Millennials typically share the following attributes:

The list can go on and on, but the key point is that Millennials comprise a very important demographic that cannot be overlooked when developing business strategies. It is time to look at your web content and other digital offerings with Millennials in mind. Retool your image, corporate voice and communication methods to adapt to a generation central to business growth. has numerous books specifically written on this subject if you want to learn more.

Spector 360

The every-rising cost of resources provides a challenge to businesses trying to turn a profit.

People, or "human resources," are no exception.  With so many distractions like Facebook, YouTube, games, news websites, Pinterest and online shopping, an associate who is not focused on his or her work during the business day is extremely costly to your business.  It is critical for many companies to ensure their employees are working distraction-free and as effectively as possible. This is where Spector 360 comes into play.

Spector 360 is a software solution that monitors and archives your employees' computer activities.  With this in place, you can easily analyze where your employees are spending their time each day.

Spector 360 is installed on a server or "headless" desktop (like MailClone, for instance) and can be configured to monitor any number of computers on your network.

Spector 360 Features and Benefits:

End User Benefits include:

Business are paying more attention to the cost of human resources these days. Additionally, employee monitoring for remote users is even more essential. The product pays for itself quickly because the cost of an inefficient or distracted employee is staggering. If you want to talk more about employee monitoring tools like Spector 360, please let us know.

Did You Know?


Data is the lifeblood of business today and backups are critical. We are seeing that in many cases, backup logs, typically sent by email, are not being monitored properly and consistently. We urge you to review this practice in your organization, as failed backups after a period of time could result in a business having no data to restore.


PCI, the Payment Card Industry, has been making moves to shift liability from the provider (Master Card, Visa, etc.) to the businesses processing cards, which may be you.  This mandate is likely to change later on this year. The use of payment cards with embedded chip technology is being driven by the fraud and theft occurring over the last few years. You may want to talk to your credit card processor about how these changes may relate to you.


Prevent server and infrastructure problems before they become too costly by implementing CDS Monitor on your servers and optionally on your desktops. CDS Monitor watches your network and reports to us critical issues that, if left unmanaged, will result in system downtime and loss of services to your users. We are notified within minutes, immediately review the issue and follow-up with you regarding the situation at hand. Most companies today are moving towards this managed approach to ensure their systems remain stable and available. Please ask us about CDS Monitor for your organization.


Business Internet needs are changing.  Lower-priced connections worked well in the past when Internet activity was limited to email and light web browsing, but these low-speed connections (7 Mbps and less) are no longer effective. Time Warner, for example, has effective pricing on their 35x5 connection (35 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload). In some cases, the difference between a low-end connection and a great connection may be as little as $30/month.


CryptoLocker-style viruses continue to penetrate business systems. Keep educating your users to only click on links and attachments from trusted sources and when expected. If they suspect that they clicked on something suspicious, have them immediately unplug the network cable or power to the machine. Urgency is critical to help stop the progress of destruction onto your network.

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