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Copeland News - January, 2013

WinterHappy New Year!  As we turn the corner and leap into another year, technology continues to be a requirement as well as a strategic advantage as we compete in this world around us.

While browsing this newsletter, if you think of anything that you would like to discuss as it applies to your situation, never hesitate to drop us a note.  We are here to help and serve you in any way we can.

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In this issue of Copeland News

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It is Here - Windows 8

You may have seen the latest commercials. Microsoft has indeed spent some resources on getting the message to you that Windows 8 is here - and it changes everything.

Windows 8 ComputersWindows 8 runs on desktops/laptops, on tablets, and on phones. Each are vastly different end user experiences.

Microsoft has attempted to meld all of these requirements into one single platform in Windows 8. For the desktop and laptop user, you will see mouse support as well as "touch" support (if your hardware has a touch screen). The new Windows 8 "Metro" apps certainly do lend themselves well to touch interaction. Traditional or legacy Windows applications will run on Windows 8 just as they did with Windows 7.

On the tablet there are actually two options. Running real "Windows 8" on a tablet will give you the same types of experiences that you have on a desktop or laptop. You have the new Metro-style applications available to you as a user. At the same time you have your Windows legacy applications, which will also run as-is.  As a secondary option, there is what is now called "Windows RT" running on various tablets - one of them being the Microsoft Surface. Microsoft Surface can run the new Metro-style applications well, but they lack complete support for running any of your legacy Windows applications. If you purchase a Surface and plan on running any software that does not come in the "box", you need to ensure that you can buy what you want as a "Metro" application. Legacy Windows applications will not run on the Microsoft Surface.

As for the Windows Phone, it is similar to the Windows Surface in that it will run Metro applications just great. However, do not expect it to run any non-Metro applications.

A word about Metro Applications: Metro applications are "new", and because of Windows 8 just being recently released, you may notice that the Windows App Store does not have the wealth of applications seen in the Apple or Android stores. Do not assume that the application you want or have been using on another device will be there just yet. Over time the Windows App Store will grow in its offerings.

We are often asked whether or not one should install Windows 8.  For home use, if you are willing to go through the learning curve of a brand new environment, realizing that many things will not be like they used to be, then you may elect to give it a whirl. Keep in mind, there is no "uninstall" feature to quickly get back to your previous version of Windows. Most businesses are reluctant to adopt Windows 8 just yet, as the new environment tends to go against the grain for traditional business use. If you want to learn more about Windows 8, visit Microsoft.

In a last minute change by Microsoft, the company prefers to call the new Metro Apps by their new name - Windows 8 Store Apps. Who would of thought?

Mobile Access to Your Systems

CellicaAn ongoing business challenge is how best to provide information to your associates on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Mobile access to business data comes up in a few places: information for the mobile office worker, information to the warehouse or production floor, remote access from anywhere.

The smaller footprint of tablets and smartphones makes data accessibility more challenging. Another challenge is how best to get data to so many different types of devices and do it affordably.

Using Cellica Database Anywhere, we can do just that - bring data down to tablets and phones from your systems making your business intelligence reachable by your associates.  Data can be pulled down to your device as a read-only copy, or can even include write-access back to your system.

Cellica Database Anywhere is affordable at $1099 for the server component, which includes 5 devices. With our systems and programming knowledge, we can deliver whatever data you require to your associates' devices.

If you want to learn more about Cellica Database Anywhere, see or drop us a note.

Odds & Ends


Postini has been a popular product for many of our customers in fighting the SPAM that can come to your mailbox.

Google, who owns Postini, is transitioning the Postini product into a direct Google Apps product. We will see this transitioning happen for some customers starting this month. If Google does this transition well, we as users will have no to little disruption in terms of the end result.

Stay tuned for more information as details surface about this Postini change.


Virtualization continues to be a popular option when servers are in need of an upgrade. Multiple boxes in the server room are becoming "one box" running multiple server instances.  Microsoft's Hyper-V technology does this very well and at a price point that is very affordable.


SQUAREPortable payment processing is available on your smartphone or tablet with Square. A credit card is swiped through the free Square Mobile Card Reader connected to your device and payment is deposited directly into your bank account. In addition to the free Square Mobile Card Reader, the use of Square ( is free of monthly or annual fees. The cost of using Square is solely per-transaction - a low 2.75%. This is great for selling remotely and collecting deposits.


Does your business have a Disaster Recovery Plan?  Do you have a Business Continuity plan to execute if bad things start to happen?  Many small business customers have thought about this, but never formalize a plan. You can use templates from the Internet to start working on your plan, like the one HERE.


Any router that is older than four years old is not likely to protect your business assets and you are prone to attacks and thefts. For any business still using a Netopia or other older routers, these routers can no longer protect you. For your own good, please contact us on upgrading these routers to a router capable of managing the traffic we see out there on the Internet today.


Terms of ServiceAs social-based website use continues to grow, users really need to pay attention to the "terms of services" that they align themselves with when they sign up for the service. Instagram, for instance, announced that they were changing their Terms or Service to be able to use your uploaded pictures in their advertising - all without warning. The overwhelming backlash from the community forced Instagram to rescind their decision.  See more HERE.


In 2013, the introduction of hundreds of new top-level-domains (TLDs) will change how the world uses the Web.  A TLD is the last part of a domain name (.com and .net historically being the most popular).   You will now have the option of choosing memorable and intuitive domain names specific to your online presence.   Please click here for an infographic of what is trending on the watchlist by region and category.

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