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Copeland News - April, 2011

We welcome you to the SPRING edition of Copeland News.  I think we would all agree that this past winter has been long and somber. This spring we are looking toward the new and refreshed. This is also true in the business climate as we are looking to rejuvenate our spirits. It is time to take a fresh look at our challenges and look forward in competing with the world that is in front of us.

With that in mind, now is a good time to look at your business and your business processes. If there is anything that comes up for you where technology can help, please let us know.  As always, if you read anything in this edition, or hear of anything else out there that you may need some clarification on, we are here to help.

Thank you,


In this issue of Copeland News

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Beware of

Please beware of some of the latest intrusions on our privacy. The site -, knows more about each of us than we would ever believe.

This site specifically has been designed to tie all of the information about each of us together, in a very searchable format.  Common information like where one lives or their phone number – that is expected. However, this site adds information like age, our house values, our ages, our salary ranges, and so on. In a nutshell, many of us feel that this is way over the line in terms of broadcasting our private information to the world.

You can easily remove yourself from this site. In fact, we recommend that you do just that. To see what this site is all about, go to and look for yourself - you may be surprised as to what is known about you. Sites similar to Spokeo include, and

Thanks for the Memory

Windows updates, virus protection, spyware processes – they all consume memory – lots of it.  While the latest hardware running Windows 7 may be running OK with these updates, it is the older PC running Windows XP that has really experienced a "meltdown" in terms of performance.

When Windows XP was released, many systems ran just fine with 256MB of memory. Today, those same XP systems with 256MB, 512MB and even 768MB of memory will appear to be crippled.  The latest Windows Updates and the sophistication needed to fend off virus activity is the culprit in dragging down performance of a once very capable machine.

If you see this happen to your older Windows XP systems – consider adding memory to the system to bring it to 2GB.  This additional memory will make a huge difference in the performance of your older XP machine. As a note, most of the older Windows XP systems have a maximum of 2GB of memory.

You can find how much memory you have in Windows XP by going into the CONTROL PANEL and going into SYSTEM.  The first tab will show you the memory on the machine. A memory upgrade will make the performance acceptable again.

Did you Know?


iPadThe iPad 2 is out with its thinner form factor,
cameras front and back and faster processor. You can find more at .  Folks continue to investigate strategies that can use the iPad in the workplace and some of them are coming up with some interesting results. See "How iPads Enter the Workforce."


CONNXCONNX ( has been supplying solutions to many of our customers for years. CONNX brings ODBC connectivity to their Linux based systems, allowing customers to interact directly with their data as well as allowing for Web based solutions to interact directly with their business systems.


On a Windows PC, typically in Control Panel -> Power Options, you may want to adjust power settings that have been aggressively set by the manufacturer. If you find errors on your PC after periods of inactivity – look into these power settings and make the adjustments as needed.


iPhone 4The iPhone 4 is now available on the Verizon network. The new iPhone 5 is rumored to be available later on in the year. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to wait until iPhone 5 is released if you want to make the iPhone switch.  The iPhone and the various Droid phones (from Google) appear to be leading the pack in terms of what people want.


Our latest CIS software is available for review. You may want to peruse our latest software to review what may or may not work for you in your environment.


ubuntuMany businesses have been looking to alternatives to Microsoft technologies. You can install a Linux based desktop from Ubuntu easily from Windows, and at boot up time, simply select the Ubuntu operating system.  For machines that are used for basic services like Web access and word processing, Ubuntu Desktop Edition is a cost effective choice, as it is free of charge. It can be installed easily from Windows at


Netflix / HULUOn the home front, many folks are moving away from traditional "full featured and high priced" programming from their cable TV provider and moving into TV on demand through Netflix and Hulu Plus.  Setup top boxes from ROKU ( make this inexpensive and easy to do.  The latest televisions also have the ability to access Netflix and Hulu Plus built into the set itself. With these latest technologies, you can cut back on the traditional cable services.


IPv6Our world is running out of IP addresses. With mobile phone usage and use of technology in our daily lives, the scheme known as IP4 no longer provides for enough users and devices. A new scheme called IP6 fixes this issue, but will require, in many cases, each business to invest in a new router that will need to be IP6 aware as well as being configured for IP6 addressing. Stay tuned as the process of going from IP4 to IP6 gets streamlined.


BNBEACopeland Data Systems has been named as a finalist for the 2011 Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Award. This is a great honor as we have always strived to be a trusted partner with our customers and vendors. We applaud all businesses that center on integrity and ethics.

You can find out more about the Buffalo Business Ethics Association at


IE9Internet Explorer 9 – This new explorer is available as a "Release to Manufacturing" (RTM) version. This is a new browser, so things may be different.  Once you upgrade to IE 9, you can uninstall and your previous version of Internet Explorer will again be available. The dependencies that you need to run Internet Explorer 9 can be found at . You can download IE9 at


As for Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8 "64-bit versions," usually found on Windows Vista or Windows 7 – do not use the '64 bit edition' of Internet Explorer. There are plenty of bugs and problems. For now, using the 32 bit version of Internet Explorer will bring you much less headaches. You will find the 32-bit version already installed on your system.


FirefoxMozilla has also released a major revision to FireFox.  FireFox 4 includes enhancements to speed, synchronization, and its overall interface.  You can get an overview of the latest features at

Your comments are always appreciated...

Have a comment on anything in this issue of Copeland News, or maybe an idea for a future topic you would like us to cover?  Please connect with us on Facebook and let us know your thoughts!