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Copeland News - October, 2010

FallWelcome to our October edition of Copeland News!

Seasons change and autumn is in the air. As with any change of seasons, we need to look forward by gathering our thoughts, focusing on what's important, and executing our strategies accordingly.

We hope this newsletter delivers new ideas to ponder and serves as a reminder of the things we cannot afford to neglect.

If there is anything that comes to mind while reviewing the newsletter, please let us know. We can review your situation and help you decide on the direction to take. Technology is a great asset in the competitive world of business. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

Thank you,


In this issue of Copeland News

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Microsoft BPOS - Exchange Online

Microsoft has announced BPOS – Business Productivity Online Standard Suite.  In a nutshell, this is Microsoft's answer to Google Apps.

Microsoft Exchange OnlineGoogle Apps, and now Microsoft BPOS, offers a suite of online "cloud based" applications available by subscription. BPOS, specifically, is a Microsoft-hosted bundle of Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Communications Online and Live Meeting.

Many businesses are interested in moving Enterprise-wide email (which has traditionally been managed within the four walls of the business) to an outside cloud. Given the right scenario, email and collaborative cloud-based services can be a very effective solution.

Additional information on BPOS can be found HERE.

The cost of Microsoft BPOS rounds out to about $10 per user per month.

Your Next Cell Phone

You see the commercials - you notice it too.  Cell phone technology is reinventing itself every six months. When it comes to business use of your cell phone, what phone should you use?

SmartphoneBlackberry has always been the standard choice for people in business. Blackberry is loved because of the connectivity to business email and ease of use. The latest Blackberry, the Blackberry Torch, offers Blackberry business sense with features looked for by users – a touch screen and a full slide-out keyboard.  Currently, the Torch is only available from AT&T.

Other phones are swiftly moving into Blackberry's domain.  The latest iPhone4 has connectivity to many business-based email systems. Additionally, the latest Google DROID phones also offer great connectivity to enterprise-wide email systems. You will see additional phones offer this kind of connectivity as time goes on, certainly playing very well in the space that was previously occupied only by Blackberry.

What is Happening with Windows XP?

With Windows 7 in full bloom, Windows XP is getting closer and closer to that "unavailable" status.

As per Microsoft's direction, all Original Equipment Manufacturers, including Dell, must ship all systems with Windows XP preinstalled by October 22, 2010.  Any machine that has not left the factory by that date is subject to cancellation.  As of October 1, no orders can be taken for systems with Windows XP preinstalled.

Windows XPWhile you can still find Windows XP available from various outlets, you should be careful as there is no promise that you will find specific Windows XP Drivers for newer hardware.

Microsoft's answer for anyone who needs to use Windows XP for a specific application is to use Windows 7 in XP Mode. XP Mode runs as a virtual machine inside Windows 7, allowing you to run any XP based software from this virtual XP instance. This is built into Windows 7, making the case for Microsoft that the legacy "Windows XP" is even more obsolete.

Odds and Ends


Another new Internet Explorer?

IE9Microsoft has recently made available a beta release of Internet Explorer 9 that is available for download. This new release is quicker, sleeker and less cluttered, giving the user more room for content.  While IE 9 may not be available as a supported product for a few months yet, this browser certainly enhances Microsoft's reputation in the browser market. You can learn more about IE 9 and how it is looked at as a quick and intuitive modern browser from Microsoft's website.


Cloud ComputingCloud computing, in a nutshell, is accessing servers, software, and services from the Internet rather than from servers physically within your building.

Initially, vertical applications like email and collaboration tools are typically the first applications to be considered when moving to a cloud model.

Disaster recovery is another area where cloud computing works well.  As an example, a business can have a complete mirror of its entire ERP system out in the cloud in case of a disaster.


FacebookRecent surveys suggest that users are spending more time in Facebook than they are in all of Google's sites combined (like YouTube, Gmail, and Google Docs).  This is leading some businesses to rethink their Facebook strategy and consider getting their business profile on Facebook.  More information can be found HERE.


Hyper-VEconomizing servers via virtual machine technology is becoming popular. If you have two or more servers to run your enterprise, the latest VM (Virtual Machine) offerings make this a mainstream option. Microsoft's Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V VM means you can run one piece of hardware to manage your Windows Server needs, your Linux needs, and your MailClone needs.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus continues to do well in fighting the latest Virus threats, replacing Trend Micro in many enterprises these days.

Infected PCs, especially on the home front, are as prevalent as ever. The tools that we initially use to attempt to clean up infected systems include Spybot Search & Destroy, Malwarebytes, and ComboFix. We also encourage the use of CCleaner on a regular basis to keep the system cleaned up.  All these applications are available for free over the Internet, but care must be taken that you are downloading the actual program and not a malicious program posing as one of these tools.


BackupBackup continues to be a necessity, but backup hardware continues to grow in expense and is difficult to maintain. Internet based backup is becoming mainstream nowadays. It may be time for you to consider Internet based backup scenarios.


Mobile websiteIs your website ready for the mobile world? How well does your company's website render on a cell phone?  As smart phone use is expanding at such an exponential rate, it is time to relook at your website from the eyes of a few different cell phones. You may be surprised how poorly you are represented in the cell phone environment. You may want to consider adding mobile versions of your website with a ".mobi" extension – all to have content and functionality rendered reasonably on the small form factor of a cell phone. Our website – is an example of this, as it is goal is to offer the cell phone user full use of CDS Online while being mobile. We can help you with this tailoring of a cell phone version of your website – just let us know.

Customer Profile - in2food


Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, in2food is just one of the businesses that Copeland Data Systems assists remotely.  Over the past several years, we have shipped pre-installed and configured Exchange Servers, Application servers, Blackberry servers, routers, desktop PCs, and laptops for remote users.  Using tools like Remote Desktop and TeamViewer, we are able to assist any user with any day-to-day issues regardless of where they are located.  Copeland Data Systems also developed an Intranet/Extranet to facilitate communication between the home office and several remote sales representatives.  The system pumps data between their business system, Access databases, and the web to streamline inventory, sales info, and marketing leads.

Frank Dunn, Logistics Manager for in2food, adds:

"We are a small business that has seen large growth in revenue and personal over the last 5 years.  We started out with one facility in Georgia and now we have six warehouses in five different states, and we do business with a wide array of large and well known companies (Sara Lee, Heinz, Sysco, Pepperidge Farms, Wegmans, Price Chopper, Supervalu, Kroger, Publix, Tim Horton's and Cold Stone Creamery). However, the rapid growth has caused many growing pains, especially in the IT arena.  We started working with Copeland a few years ago and it has been a wonderful experience.  We have used other IT companies and none of them offer the level of attention, dedication, or service as does Copeland.  Tim and Matt have been excellent at assisting us with database development, computer set-up, and technical support.  Their knowledge and attentiveness has been greatly appreciated and is extremely uncommon in this industry.  Tom Idziak has been a great resource as well and has helped us identify solutions for our needs.  Copeland has  become a reliable and dependable source for all of our IT needs.  As our business continues to grow across the country, we look forward to the continued support and dedication from Copeland!"

About in2food

in2food is the exclusive U.S. importer of Europe's ultra premium brands including Dobla, Chocovic, Pruvé and Unifine.  As a one stop resource for all pastry ingredient needs, in2food is recognized by pastry chefs, bakers and caterers as the source for top quality European brands, ingredients, components and concepts.

Their artisan products are carefully selected to insure your desserts will be a memorable experience.  Their distinct product selection is backed by their continuous commitment to superior service and top quality packaging to insure their products arrive in perfect condition and at the peak of freshness.

in2food offers North America's broadest assortment of Europe's most innovative chocolate decorations and chocolate cups.  They strive to keep up with culinary trends and needs by offering the finest European pastry shells, ingredients, dessert mixes and finished desserts.  As well, they are dedicated to supporting the pastry community by offering a team of culinary professionals to assist with menu development, product usage and overall training.

Their corporate office and primary distribution center is located in Atlanta, Georgia and with additional distribution facilities located in New Jersey, California and Chicago, they can effectively support their distributor network by shipping product economically while still allowing it to ship and arrive in a timely manner.

The culinary/pastry community is a top priority, for this reason they offer pastry demonstrations and seminars in their state of the art Pastry School located on the corporate in2food campus as well as traveling throughout the United States.  Their demonstrations are often facilitated by local pastry chefs, however they frequently invite well known European pastry chefs to share their knowledge and techniques. 

For more information, creative ideas, recipes and more, please visit in2food at

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