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“Gooligan” Infecting 30,000 Android Devices Daily

December 2, 2016

A new day brings a new strain of malware, this one targeting Google accounts on Android devices.  Since it’s discovery in August 2016, more than 2 million devices have already been git by “Gooligan” and infections continue to grow at 30,000 per day.

You can check to see if your Google account has been compromised at the URL below:

How can I prevent viruses on my Android device?

Several good (and free) anti-virus products like Malwarebytes exist for Android devices and it’s a good idea to have one installed that can scan new installs and do periodic system scans.  Additionally, avoid installing apps from 3rd party app stores or direct downloads from websites.  Always purchase/install apps from Google Play.

For more information on Gooligan, you can visit

We’re always here for your virus- and and security-related questions.


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