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Customer Spotlight: Habberfield Hassler LLP

October 20, 2016

Habberfield Hassler

Habberfield Hassler LLP provides clients with a non-traditional, personal approach to defending claims.  The focus on client relationships allows them to commit to timely reporting ensuring successful claim strategies can be employed in a cost effective manner, thus allowing their experienced attorneys to truly “roll up their sleeves” to fight for each client.  With a focus on New York State Workers’ Compensation and Insurance Defense, Habberfield Hassler LLP is a unique firm with a new vision that deserves attention.

Like most organizations in their early stages, time and resources had to be focused on their operations and services.  There was an immediate need for IT services that supported their mobile workforce without being cost prohibitive.  Habberfield connected with Copeland Data Systems to support their team and ensure their systems are up and operational.

“Our business relies heavily on impeccable IT functionality,” adds Melissa Habberfield, Partner at the firm.  “Copeland Data has ensured that everyone in our offices stay up and running on a consistent basis.”

Just as the staff at HH, LLP provides personalized attention to their clients, CDS was “attentive, professional and paid a great deal of attention to the details, which helped meet our IT needs and most importantly, solve our immediate IT problems.”

Communication is a key component of IT support and while a small firm, taking the time to explain IT offerings in a non-technical way has allowed HH, LLP to focus on growing their practice. “Even though we are a small business, they treat us like a number one customer.  We especially love how they explain things so we ‘non-IT folks’ can understand!”

Our relationship with Habberfield Hassler LLP confirms (through their quality and approach to clients) that our philosophy, business model, and attention to customer relationship building is at the forefront of our success.   We want to thank Melissa B. Habberfield for the kind words above, and we look forward to the evolution of their IT solutions as they continue to grow throughout the New York State region.

Habberfield Hassler LLP  (Main Office)
13 Mohawk Street Suite 200
Buffalo, NY 14203
Telephone (716) 249-6900
Fax  (716) 249-6910

Habberfield Hassler LLP  (Syracuse Office)
6520 South Bay Road
Cicero, NY 13039
Telephone (315) 288-6474
Fax  (716) 249-6910

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