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On Premises or Cloud

September 29, 2017

Server strategy that’s careful and critical.

We understand the constant evolution and beauty of technology as it continues to drive business results.  We appreciate classical, proven approaches and respect businesses that are carefully studying the latest advancements, wondering if they’re ready for the next move.  One of the most discussed and misunderstood types of advancements is cloud or on premises servers.

Whether it’s a glorified, sleek black box in your computer room, or a simple menu bar link on your browser, we need to make sure of the things that never change:

  1. You need storage of your company data that addresses current and future needs.
  2. You need security.
  3. You need the systems to remain online and operational with minimum down time.
  4. You need your systems to keep you in compliance and mitigate operational risk.
  5. You need backup & Disaster Recovery (DR) to protect against the unknown.

The good news?  The use of virtual servers within the physical (on premises servers), has improved flexibility of in-house equipment. If you are not virtualizing your servers this should be a priority.  There is a major challenge with this model; it’s your responsibility for the inter-workings, repairs, replacement, security, and disaster recovery planning that comes with owning these systems.

The Cloud certainly nails down all five, and takes over the responsibilities—even some of the expenses (which today cannot be amortized).  The downside of this model is it tends to be a higher premium for the solution—forecastable, but still higher.

So, be critical and careful about choosing a strategy.  Evaluate which solution addresses all five (5) needs, and include your IT provider (or reach out to us here at Copeland) to help navigate this process.

Choosing to ignore the benefits of new technology can lead to a smaller market share, higher risks and prohibit sustainable growth.  In the end, you should be leveraging technology, not pretending it isn’t needed, or worse—addressing it when it’s too late.  The right server solution awaits.

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