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Does Microsoft ever call people directly to hop on their PC remotely?

January 23, 2017

We get this support call all the time. Someone contacts us and explains that a representative from Microsoft called them and worked to remove a virus on their PC. Our response is always the same – bring your PC in to us to have it wiped and reinstalled, as this was a scam and you’ve been hacked.

This tactic does not only target the elderly, home users or the computer illiterate. Yes, Microsoft scammers have called our support techs as well. Here are three REAL LIFE interactions with CDS techs that made us chuckle and hopefully helps you remember that these are ALWAYS scams and Microsoft will NEVER call you to remotely connect to your PC.

Experience 1 – Microsoft Headquarters

“Microsoft” Tech: “Hello, this is XXX from Microsoft”
CDS Tech: “Hello”
“Microsoft” Tech: You have a virus and we would like to help you remove.”
CDS Tech: “Oh my, I am so glad you called.  What do we need to do?”
“Microsoft” Tech: “Calm down sir, everything will be fine.  I just need you to follow some simple steps.”
CDS Tech: “Thank you so much.  Wow, Microsoft.  Where is their headquarters?”
“Microsoft” Tech: typing….typing….typing
CDS Tech: “Um, sir?  Are you Googling “where is Microsoft’s Headquarters?”

Experience 2 – What do you see on your computer?

“Microsoft” Tech:  “Hello, this is XXX from Microsoft, you have a virus and we need access to your PC to clean it.”
CDS Tech: “Thank you so much for reaching out.  Let me know what you need me to do.”
“Microsoft” Tech: “I just need you to follow some simple steps.  Please go to start, run and type in the following command.”
CDS Tech: “OK, go ahead.”
“Microsoft” Tech: “type in C-M-D and then hit Enter.”
CDS Tech: “Ok.  All set.”
“Microsoft” Tech: “Great.  So what does your screen say now?”
CDS Tech: “Hmmm, this is weird.  It says that what you are doing is illegal?  Is my computer supposed to say that?”
“Microsoft” Tech: (while laughing) “Yes sir, what we are doing is illegal.”

Experience 3 – Please provide me your ID

“Microsoft” Tech:  “Hello, this is XXX from Microsoft, we have to hop on your PC real quick to install a patch.”
CDS Tech:  “Sounds good.  what information do you need?”
“Microsoft” Tech:  “Thank you.  First we will need some identification to ensure we are talking to the right person for security purposes.”
CDS Tech:  “Absolutely.  When you say identification, do you need our company Microsoft Certified Partner ID or do you need my Microsoft Certified Professional ID?”
“Microsoft” Tech:  “I must have the wrong person then.”

While we never encourage you to continue a conversation with someone trying to scam you, we knew what was going on and put the scammer on speaker to share the fun with the team.  Just remember, Microsoft will never call you to hop on your PC for any reason!

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